Wednesday, March 12, 2014

. my blog has moved .

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

.. changes.

hi there..

some things transpired on a corporate level 
that brought great concern to my husband. 
as such, he made the ultimate 
decision to not move us to colorado 
at this time, so we're 
remaining in the 
golden state 
if there's one good thing 
to come of this, 
it's that we now 
own fewer 

i will be starting a new blog
for a new season in my life.
stay tuned..

{who wears} pearls

Sunday, March 2, 2014

time away ..

i've much on my plate
so until things settle down
a tich, i'll be taking a 
little or longer than a little
bloggie break.
thank you for understanding.


Blown Fuse, art by Amos Sewell. Detail from January 28, 1956 Saturday Evening Post 

Monday, September 30, 2013


apologies for missing a day (or two).
perhaps more than a few pictures
of glampy prettiness
{which happens to include coffee}
will more than make up for it.
this will conclude the 
september coffee focus.

over the weekend,
rocky and i participated 
in the 
Tin Can Tourist
autumn rally 
Petaluma, California.
we took naps on friday & saturday.
we ate chili at the chili cookoff
but not much of it
as we share a trailer (ahem..).
on saturday scads
of people toured the trailers
in the resort and we sold lots
of wonderfully vintage
yard sale treasures.
that night we enjoyed a potluck
feast, and grilled chicken en mass.
awards, ice cream sundae bar, 
night time walk then bed by 9pm.
we're an exciting couple.
sunday morning there was the
amazing pajama parade
then getting ready to hook up
and head out for home.

one lady asked if we go from one campground to the next, showing our trailers. as if that's our life. i guess she didn't understand that we (as a group) have jobs and real homes and life. interesting.

most folks though were intrigued by the vintage trailers and wanted to learn more .. possibly finding one to call their own and joining up with our glamping gangs.

here's our big girlie trailer
{1971 boles aero}
known as cordelia
(think anne of green gables)
she's 28 feet long
from stem to stern
and a serious 6,000 pounds.
her gold and silver exterior
is original and well maintained
by rocky.

and here's her innards

coffee's in the pretty carafe

and steaming in the vintage mug
.. mmmmm ..

when we bought this particular trailer
{i say particular for we have three trailers}
it came with a flip up table i despise.
it did not however come with dinette
couches or chairs. so we borrowed from
our home .. my mother in law's bridge
table as well as 2 dining room chairs
painted with annie sloan 
old white - then a clear wax,
distressing, then dark wax . . .
espresso and cream checked 
houndstooth fabric on the seats.
on the floor is a vintage tapestry.
i cordoned off the area under
the front window by tacking a length
of painter's drop cloth. 
i rather like it!
a few lap blankets on the chairs
for it was a chilly morning.

the day before we left for the rally i dry brushed
{again, annie sloan old white) a couple of shutters we were hoarding in the garage then rocky put them up in the dining/living area of the trailer. the picture to the left is of cordelia, namesake of the trailer. 

the dining/living area ledge is lightly decorated, keeping with my 'less is more' style. the curtains are drop cloth material. the sheers? coffee stained .. from an amazing decorator and shop girlie i'm honored to know and who's in a few magazines. i'll share who..later.

stove area . . lotsa stainless steel
the oven is overhead.

why of course we have a fireplace in our trailer. 

here's a better view of the sheers

the former owner of the trailer put solid wood flooring down - brazilian cherry. the tone didn't go with the walls or decor so i painted the floors with annie sloan old white then used a ralph lauren tobacco glaze to give it a very old world appearance, then 3 coats of shellac. what a process! but ohhhh! what a difference it made! we love the result.

that private sign? made it the morning we left for the rally. just a clip board painted with annie sloan graphite. when open house is in session and throngs of people tour your trailer, we prefer to keep people more in the dining and kitchen area rather than the bedroom and bathroom. viewing through the sheers is a simple effort, though we soon realized that some people didn't understand that **private** meant **do not go beyond the sign.** eye roll. amazing. thankfully that number was minimal but still. for pity sake. 

aahhh i see MY bed is ready for open house.

more soon. . .